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ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 20:08 »
Its a invasion on Dunav Ruse forum ;D
Our favourite team in Bulgaria from now 8) You not have Cafu,Lukoki,Keseru,but have old school bold striker ;)


El rio,its clearly.CSKA 1948 is a new club,CSKA in first division is former Litex?

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 14:43 »
Our new players are
Marko Gobeljic, Napredak Krusevac
Filip Stojkovic,Munchen 1860
Vujadin Savic,Sheriff Tiraspol
Ricardo Calvacante "Ricardihno",Sherif Tiraspol

Transfer target is also
Marko Basa ,Lille (now free agent)
Nemanja Radonjic, AC Roma
Goran Causic ,Osasuna
Milan Rodic,Kryla Sovietov

We are also close to sell our two young players Plavsic (Sparta Prag or Celtic) and Ristic(Espanol or Macabi Tel Aviv).

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 14:14 »
Seems that they are just like the media in Bulgaria - highly delusional :D
When UEFA make decision?

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 14:08 »
Media in Serbia write about chance of CSKA to play in EL. ;D

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 12:28 »
Team from my forum rsb.info make inside stories when Zvezda play in Europe
This is story from Razgrad(friendly game),i hope Ruse was attractive for this kind of multimedia. 8)

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 11:55 »
Yes,this one,hitman style  ;D

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 11:34 »
We are now all occupied my friend
I watched some videos of Dunav Ruse,two players was in my focus,goalkeeper and striker.Good players.
Do you active on transfer market this summer?
Its be easy to play basketball with Dunav  8)

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 03:09 »
OK.There is one Serbia club that founded in Zagreb, Croatia,but play in Serbian first division.Its also illegally ;D
Partizan. 8)

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 21 Юни, 2017, 01:24 »
FK Crvena zvezda (Srb) - Floriana (Mlt)  1.10 7.50 17.00

I. Pavlodar (Kaz) - Dunav Ruse (Bul)  1.80 3.35 4.00

Does UEFA confirm that Dunav play in EL?Its problem with CSKA?

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 20 Юни, 2017, 16:18 »
Hahah, you will laugh at it. The salaries are up to 1500 EUR + there are bonuses for good results totaling at like 1 000 EUR for a win and 500 EUR for a draw. The total budget for the last year was 1 mln. EUR, this year will be 1,5 mln. EUR.
No,i will no laugh,in Serbia,fourth place team also have this level of budget.

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 20 Юни, 2017, 15:47 »
That's a role we are used to. I think it's because of the fact we are newbies and no one really knows anything about us, so it's normal to place a "safe bet" on a team with more European experience. However, the Bulgarian championship is still stronger than the Kazakh one despite the money that is pouring over there. And Dunav is a team with really strong balance against everyone in Top 6, including Ludogorets. And that wasn't just one-off sparkle, but something that persisted all season long. Personally I think Dunav has everything to be a very dangerous team in Europe. First and foremost all the players are very well integrated into the squad. A bunch of our main guys are here for 3-4 years, they were with us even in Third division. The team is very strong physically and has an extremely good level of tactical discipline. Everyone is quite aware of the fact we don't have any star players and the team is what matters the most. As a style, Dunav follows the one of Athletico Madrid - a very aggressive, pressuring football on a high speed, without too many passes. Our team is the one that has the most goal situations and shots towards the goal in the league as we are capable of reaching the opposite side within 5-7 seconds and to create a goal situation out of that. So, our team should not be underestimated. Yes, we don't have any big names, all of the players are selected from the lower divisions but when it comes to a team play, that's a whole different story.
I also think that from some games on internet that i watched.Red Star have quality but we every year change best players,coaches,its very hard to integrate in team.What is high level of payment in Dunav Ruse team?

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 20 Юни, 2017, 15:26 »
Dunav Ruse is very underrated in serbian press,everobody expect Irtish in second round.

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 20 Юни, 2017, 12:48 »
We always have financial dificulties  8)
But situation is better than last years.Big problem was in defenders,they were too slow for Cafu and Wanderson.Goalkeeper also have bad day in Belgrade.
Yes,Katai score one goal

ФЕНОВЕ / Re: Crvena Zvezda
« -: 20 Юни, 2017, 12:23 »
To be honest,that was probably our best match in Europe last 5 years,we missed big chance to play in Champion League.Because of that we must to sell best player Aleksandar Katai to Alaves and lose championship.Now is time of rebuilding.
We have some newcomers-Ricardihno and Vujadin Savic from Sheriff Tiraspol and Filip Stojkovic from Munchen 1860.Its not all,tranfer period is start today in Serbia.Our plan is to have maximum five foreign players.

Red Cska  ;D
Pall,they are like our big rival Partizan,army club.Dont put us in same basket 8)

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